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The United States consists of fifty (50) states; one of these states—Hawaii—is located in the Pacific Ocean and the remaining 49 states are located on the North American land mass.  Of these latter 49 states, one state—Alaska—is located in northwestern North America and the other 48 states form a contiguous grouping between Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. 

For your convenience, this page includes interactive maps of all 50 states as well as the 48 contiguous states.  These maps can be zoomed in and panned to specific locations to show small details. 

Use the map menus below to display interactive road maps, satellite maps, and topographical maps of the United States.  Use the map search boxes to find places, businesses, and points of interest.

Maps of All 50 States

Maps of The 48 Contiguous States

The road map style is ideal for finding places and routes between places, whereas the satellite maps, stitched together from multiple satellite images, can depict natural features and man-made objects in great detail. 

The contour lines on topographic maps connect points with the same elevation above sea level, so they are widely used by surveyors and construction engineers.  Closely-spaced contour lines indicate steep slopes, while widely-spaced contour lines indicate gently sloping terrain, so topo maps are also well-suited to planning recreational hikes and cycling tours.

For interactive maps of individual states and major cities, please visit Street Maps.

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